Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange at Akatemia CIC

Through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange programme I got the opportunity to come and work in the United Kingdom for five months. My host entrepreneurs in that exchange were Akatemia CIC. On those five months, I got to improve my Team Coaching skills with Northumbria University students from their Entrepreneurial Business Management course, I made so many new connections in the UK that I would have never been able to make without being in here. I improved my English as a business language, which was one of my big goals, I was also leading international event on Global Entrepreneurship week with four other countries from Tiimiakatemia network. I learned so much about the University system in here and also a little bit about what does it mean to start something totally new and creative in the University world. And maybe the most important thing was that I was able to clarify what I really want to do in future and the next steps for it.

September 2013 – January 2014