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What happens when the chapter ends?

I have to admit that I enjoy making plans, dream about the world and it’s possibilities and also to think what I wanna do next, but in other hand I normally don’t even know what will happen in a next few months. So when people ask me where will I be in 5 years time they don’t get that great or clear answers.

I have spend my last 9 months in Newcastle Upon Tyne in UK and my current contract will finish in 9 days. And at the moment I just know that I will go to Finland for two weeks and then I have my flight back to Newcastle. The exciting part is that I don’t have any idea what will happen after that. Somehow I do enjoy the uncertainty, but sometimes you would like to know just a little bit more. But I also believe that what ever happens is meant to happen, so I just have to keep going forward what ever will happen next.

So why I am in this situation then?

I have really enjoyed working with Newcastle Business School and that has been definitely something where I have been able to use my passion and knowledge about Team Entrepreneurship and Team Coaching. I have also been able to learn so much at the same time and I know it could be very rewarding in many levels to work here a bit longer. The great thing is that they have also really liked my work in here and they would like me to stay longer, they have been even trying to create this new role to the University just for me as that would be the best way to continue this work relationship. And I can’t event say how amazing and grateful that makes me to feel, I am just speechless.

But you might have noticed that we are talking about University now, which is not the most flexible creature on this planet and things are not moving as smoothly as we were planning and they have not been able to approve this role yet. So that why I am in this situation now as I really would like to stay a bit longer but all I can do now is to wait and wish the best. But also where I have to start the creative thinking about what will I do next if I don’t have any position in here for the next year? Suggestions? 😀


Tiimiakatemia, United Kingdom

Let´s get started!

Big things are happening in my life and I want to share them with you all. I did graduated in last December and after that I have traveled around the world, but now it´s time to get my hands back to work. My passion is to spread Tiimiakatemia (the coolest business education ever, check it out http://www.tiimiakatemia.fi) around the world and in one week I will know if I get to go to UK to be an assistant coach in one of the University´s where they will start the Team Entrepreneurship program. I could not be more excited and nervous, now we just have to wait until Thursday to see how the interview goes! 🙂

I also just started my own company called Dreamster, which helps me to make my dreams come true. I am still in very beginning and that why I wanted do start this blog, it will help me to realize what´s really happening and maybe someone else will get the inspiration from here to make their dreams come true too!