United Kingdom

Lot of learning in short time!

One month has passed in UK and I can say I have enjoyed of every moment! I have found amazing new friends, started new hobby (gymnastics) and the work I do is so much fun!

This month has also helped me to understand my business goals better. What do I really want to do and how? I want to specialise and to become master of team learning and team coaching! 

The challenge is how I make a product or service out of that and how do I sell it to people? And how people are even going to find me?

I took my first step toward that few days ago when I bought my own domain name www.dreamster.fi, so now I can start to create my own website, I am so excited of that!

And I am also so lucky that I get to train my skills as a team coach in Northumbia University at the moment, it´s also great to be part of the process, because everything is new in here and they are literally creating the degree as we go forward with this! So I am also learning how to adapt something like this to new environments like to other University´s or Company´s!

I also need more theory to reach my goals and actually I have found the passion to read again, I noticed that I need some action going on be able to read and to be able to put the knowledge right in the action! So at the moment I am working on with Visual Teams from David Sibbet and Innovate or Die from Jack Collis! And they are both very inspiring books, so I can recommend those to everyone!

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Do we value friends enough?

Friends are like other family to us and this summer I have realized that they are even more important to me them I have thought. Whole last spring I traveled around the world and when I came back few months ago my friend was opening her house to me and here I have been leaving since. But I am still not leaving here permanently so I am kind of “homeless”, but it has been great, I have stayed in my other friends places, in my brothers place and also visited a lot more in my dad´s and mom´s places. And what makes it so great? I have been able to see my friends and family so much more then I would normally do and not only seeing but really spending time with them.

In few weeks I might be leaving to UK and it has woke me up, because the situation will be so different in there. I won´t know almost anyone there, there wont be my friends or family and actually I don´t even know where I will live there. I am not worried that I would not survive, just thinking how lonely it can be in beginning. I will miss everyone so much and I really hope my friends and family will come to visit me in there and I can then offer them a place to stay!

“Friendship is hardest thing in the world to explain. It´s not something you learn in school. But if you haven´t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven´t learned anything.”Laura´s good bye party

This picture is from yesterday when we had surprise good bye party to one of our friend who is leaving to study in UK for four years!